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Therapeutic Areas

Dr. Linden focuses on several Therapeutic Areas, Assessments, and Treatment Methods.

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ADD / ADHD Testing & Treatment

There has been a significant improvement in the accurate diagnosis of ADD, ADHD and LD using FDA approved QEEG Mapping.


Advanced Biofeedback is one of the most advanced ways to help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and stress - both in the short term and long term and without the use of medication.

Autism / Aspergers Testing & Treatment

Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) include Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder and Asperger’s. These are life-changing, family-altering conditions usually diagnosed in childhood. QEEG/Neurofeedback with other treatment modalities allows for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.


People are having more frequent concussions than ever before. QEEG/Neurofeedback allows for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.


  • You gave me my life back after the treatment, It was like having the same son but with a different attitude and mannerisms. He has turned completely and all for the better. One teacher specifically worked with him for about 3 years one on one and she could not believe the difference he was making after the therapy... What you do is LITERALLY life changing and thank you once again for all your help.

  • happychild

    We took Noah to see many doctors, and he went through many medications… Until, we came to the office of Dr Linden, our savior.

  • We are very pleased with the results of Dr. Linden’s Neurofeedback treatment program and hope that other children and their families can enjoy the successes we have.