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I am pleased to recommend Dr. Michael Linden who has been actively using QEEG and neurofeedback for more than two decades. He has been publishing studies on QEEG brain imaging testing for ADD, and Neurofeedback for ADHD and Autism. He is one of the pioneers in the use of QEEG and neurofeedback for the evaluation and treatment of autistic spectrum disorder.

Joel F. Lubar Ph.D.
Inventor of Neurofeedback for ADHD
Professor Emeritus-University of Tennessee

Linden Attention Learning Center

The Linden Attention Learning Center has two locations in southern California (Laguna Hills and Encinitas), specializing in the assessment and treatment of ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, learning disabilities, anxiety and closed head injuries. Using the most cutting edge brain scanning (QEEG) equipment we can ascertain the most accurate diagnoses and even specific subtypes and for each individual client and develop a successful individualized treatment plan including biological treatments such as non-drug Neurofeedback.

EEG Biofeedback (Neurofeedback) Therapy was begun by Joel Lubar, Ph.D. in 1976, at the University of Tennessee as a non-drug treatment for Attention Deficit Disorders. Dr. Lubar’s early work demonstrated IQ increases and behavioral improvements for these children.

Since then, research has shown that this procedure can be used for children and adults with Learning Disabilities, Autism, Asperger’s and to improve the cognitive functioning of elite athletes and others.

The use of QEEG for diagnosis has been approved by the FDA; the use of Neurofeedback for non-drug treatment has been approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Our New Name

The Linden Attention Learning Center is now a part of Crossroads Institute for Psychotherapy and Assessment.

Program Director

The Attention Learning Center is headed by one of the original researchers who pioneered the use of NeuroFeedback Therapy, Michael Linden, Ph.D. If you live near Orange or San Diego County, you can have this nationally known pioneer develop your treatment plan. He published the first controlled studies on NeuroFeedback Therapy (Journal of Biofeedback & Self-Regulation, 1996) which have been recognized with awards from the California and the National Biofeedback Societies.

He was also centrally involved in the research of brain mapping (Monastra, Lubar, Linden 1999 & 2001) that is generating professional interest well beyond EEG Biofeedback Therapy community. The results of these studies demonstrate that NeuroFeedback Therapy can be a vital component in treating ADD/ADHD, LD, Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. These improvements come without side effects and remain permanent for years.

Dr. Linden

Dr. Michael Linden is a Clinical Psychologist and Nationally Certified in Neurofeedback and Biofeedback. He is the director of The Attention Learning Center, which has offices located in San Juan Capistrano, Irvine, and Encinitas, California. He’s repeatedly been asked to be a keynote speaker at professional conferences throughout the country.

Our colleagues have benefited from Dr. Linden’s technical innovations such as the use of continuous performance tests to gauge the improvements from Neurofeedback Therapy and vital research in brain mapping. Currently, Dr. Linden is in the early stages of developing Neurofeedback treatment procedures for learning disabled and brain-injured patients.

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