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New Directions in Diagnosis & Treatment of ADD/ADHD

In this recorded webinar, Dr. Linden will describe the symptoms of ADD & ADHD in students and adults.

Advances in brain mapping testing for accurate diagnosis & cutting edge, non-medication non-drug brain training to obtain personalized, successful, long-term results are also explained.

Webinar Recorded 8/27/2020

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Parenting with Structure and Mercy During Challenging Times

Parenting students with ADHD, Aspergers, Anxiety, and oppositional defiant behavior is difficult.  During the challenges of COVID and school & working at home, it’s overwhelming!

Dr. Linden also discusses how to balance being structured and consistent while maintaining mercy during this unprecedented and ever-changing environment. 

Webinar Recorded 8/20/2020

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How Students with Anxiety and ADD Can Be Successful in School During COVID

This webinar will review the mental changes that lead to more worry, stress, distraction, and inattention during this unprecedented COVID crisis. Non-medication techniques that help gain control of anxiety and remediate attention difficulties will be discussed, including biofeedback, neurofeedback, and practical steps you can take now to be more prepared to return successfully to school. 

Webinar Recorded 8/6/2020

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How to be calm & happy during COVID: gaining control of anxiety and mood

This webinar will review the mental changes that lead to more worry, stress, hopelessness, and sadness during this unprecedented COVID crisis, with an overview of practical steps you can take now, and a discussion of non-medication techniques available to help you gain control, and conquer, anxiety and depression, including biofeedback, and direct neurofeedback.

Webinar Recorded 7/18/2020

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EEG Brain-Based Diagnosis & Treatment of ASD

Dr. Linden, will describe the symptoms of ASD in students and adults. Advances in brain testing for accurate diagnosis & cutting edge, non-medication Neurofeedback to obtain personalized, successful, long-term results will be explained.

Webinar Recorded 6/18/2020

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7 Tips for Parenting Children with ADHD and Anxiety

Parenting children with ADHD and/or anxiety can be challenging as the new school year is underway.

We are all dealing with uncertainty, changes in our schedules, and having to adapt to new ways of doing things. Recognize that your child is also experiencing stress as they are having to adapt to new learning routines.

Many of us have lost the ability to predict how our day, week, or school year will look like and this uncertainty leads to feeling stressed. Stress negatively impacts learning in children with ADHD and anxiety, making it very difficult to learn new things. 

We can help our children during this time with the following tips.

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Testing for Accommodations in School & Standardized Exams

This recorded webinar explains what tests are needed in order for students to obtain accommodations for classes & exams.  Common accommodations to receive are extra time on exams, a quiet room for exams and reduced assignment.  We will discuss the types of psychoeducational tests and the accommodation request process.

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Four Tips to Calm Anxiety

During these uncertain times of COVID, racial & political unrest, we do not have a lot of control over what is happening. This can make anyone feel anxious. However, what we can have better control of is our MIND. How do we gain this control and regulation to access our inner resources? Consider these 4 tips to reduce anxiety!

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Free Resources for Parents with ADHD Students

If you are a parent or caregiver of a child with ADHD, it can often feel frustrating, confusing, and lonely. Many parents report feeling misunderstood by other parents who may not be experiencing the same challenges parents of ADHD face each day. This is especially true during these challenging times with COVID and school being done over the internet.

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Covid Pandemic and the Holidays getting to you?

Try these 4 Tips to Find Joy this Holiday Season

Many of us will be dealing with stress and disappointment with changes in holiday plans due to Covid this year. It can be hard to know what plans or even to feel motivated to do any activity for the holidays during the pandemic. Stress, frustration, and disappointment are feelings many of us are having this time of year, especially as we enter the season.

The following are some tips to cope with stress and disappointment and find some JOY this holiday season.

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