Can’t be treated in Southern California?

Can’t Be Treated in Southern California?
How The Attention Learning Center can help you

The Attention Learning Center is located in Orange and San Diego counties in Southern California. We specialize in using QEEG Map brain imaging testing to diagnosis subtypes of ADD, Autism and Asperger’s. We are one of only a few centers in the world that conduct this particular type of brain imaging analysis. Using these subtype patterns to refine neurofeedback and medication protocols enhances successful treatment outcomes.

If you do not live in the Southern California area there are two options for you:

1. Travel to beautiful Southern California (20 miles from Disneyland & 5 miles from the ocean) for an extended weekend.

Dr. Michael Linden will schedule an one hour interview with you and/or your family member on Monday or Friday and on the same day, we will administer the QEEG brain imaging map and the IVA computerized Continuous Performance Test. It will take approximately 2-4 weeks to receive the results from our neurologists. Our office will send you a copy of the tests and Dr. Linden will review the results over the telephone. If you are a good candidate, we will recommend a neurofeedback therapist in your area.

2. Remote Training.

Have QEEG Guided Neurofeedback sessions provided by LALC trained therapist in the comfort of your home or any location at times that are convenient.

  • QEEG guided and supervised by Dr. Michael Linden
  • Technicians train you to hook-up and access video/computer systems
  • QEEG/CPT testing at LALC at important intervals
  • Review sessions can be done online

New Remote Neurofeedback Training Option:
Now Neurofeedback can be done in the comfort of your own home or other location away from our centers! We have a program designed to provide treatment remotely to our clients allowing us to not only serve the out-of -area population, but for those who prefer to have the convenience of having the treatment at home or anywhere..

Our remote sessions are run just as our in-office sessions with a dedicated expertly trained neurofeedback therapist providing one-on-one treatment and supervision. This is done through a real time internet connection and camera ensuring that the training is proceeding as planned and so the therapist can provide the necessary coaching on strategies. The therapist has full remote access to the off-site computer and system allowing instant adjustments to be made.

What is required?
The parents or adult patients are required to be in our physical office for an initial appointment with center director, Dr. Michael Linden, the testing and a brief orientation/training on the hook up and use of the home equipment. The rest of the training is all handled remotely by the therapist!

Do I have to learn how to run the software?
No, all of this is handled by the therapist who has remote access to the system. This includes setting up protocols, managing thresholds and running the session. We train you to attach the sensors to your family member and then just turn on the computer.

How is progress monitored?
Progress Review Appointments can be conducted via Skype or in person if desired. Periodic assessments are reviewed by Dr. Linden accurate measures of progress and to individually adjust the settings to assure the most successful results.

How can I get started?
Please feel free to contact us to schedule an initial appointment with Dr. Linden and for more information on pricing and system requirements. There are many options that we can customize to suite your needs!

The Attention Learning Centers
Director, Michael K. Linden, Ph.D.

The Linden ADDvantage

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist and leader, author and pioneer in use of QEEG/Neurofeedback
  • QEEG: FDA Approved, non-invasive, office-based diagnostic determines specific subtypes of ADD/ADHD, Aspergers, Autism
  • Neurologist reviews the multi-lead, full EEG to rule out organic problems
  • Subtypes mean better treatment choices, such as AAP Approved, non-drug Neurofeedback whenever possible
  • 3 SoCal Locations
  • Less expensive, longer acting and more thorough than other diagnostics and treatments