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Direct Neurofeedback

What Is Direct Neurofeedback?

Direct Neurofeedback is a type of neurofeedback that is safe, effortless and provides quick results with no side effects. It is a brain optimizing method that emits an imperceptible micro-stimulus based on the current brainwave pattern. This stimulus nudges the brain out of stuck or frozen brainwave patterns that contribute to conditions like depression, anxiety, PTSD, concussions, and ADHD. Direct Neurofeedback treatments allow the brain to optimize functioning, like rebooting a computer.

Why Choose Us?

Sessions are only 30 minutes, results are felt immediately, and it is safe. Direct Neurofeedback can be done with all ages as it does not require effortful training. Many patients report immediate results including lifting brain fog, feeling more alert and present, increased sleep quality, enhanced mood, better communication, increased energy, and decreased racing thoughts.