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Learning Disabilities

A New Neurofeedback Treatment for ADD, Learning Disabilities, Autism and Brain Injuries

Smartmind is a new, state of the art treatment that combines the effectiveness of neurofeedback with the capability of computerized cognitive training. SmartMind joins forces with the Captain’s Log Mental Gym to simultaneously access the capabilities of both cognitive systems. Brainwave patterns are shaped through neurofeedback while Captain’s Log cognitive training system is utilized to improve their attention, working memory, hand-eye coordination, patience, and mental processing speed.

Attention Learning Center is proud to be one of the first centers to offer the SmartMind system. Dr. Michael Linden, the director of Attention Learning Centers has helped develop some of the Neurofeedback software for this system and has worked with Dr. Joseph Sanford, director of Braintrain and the developer of the IVA CPT test, Captains Log and Smart Mind for more than 15 years.

A published research study that explored the effectiveness of a training protocol that simultaneously presented neurofeedback with the Captain’s Log exercises (Tinius & Tinius, Journal or Neurotherapy, 2000) found significant improvements for both auditory and visual attention and response accuracy for adults diagnosed with ADHD and mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) in only 20 training sessions.