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Noah’s Testimony

Noah is a son, a brother, a friend and most importantly a child who has feelings. Although at times his feelings may change from one moment to the next, he is nothing like the kid we once knew a year ago. A year ago his teachers, friends and even some family members labeled his as a “bad kid”; over-activate, aggressive, mean, hyper, and unpleasant to be with. He was always pushed aside and left out. He did not respond well to this and often hit, fought, bit, scratched, and punched. He was uncontrollable, and at times, inconsolable, and he made parenting hard on us. We came to a point in parenting where Noah was the boss and we’d give in just so we didn’t have to hear him cry, or just so we didn’t have to get into another fight with him. He’d bounce off the wall, so to speak, and he pretty much ran our household to an extent. Punishing him wasn’t the same as punishing any other normal child. We would try to put him in time out he would just kick and scream and fight his way out. He could never sit down for long periods at a time. Simple, fun outings, such as going to Sea World or Disneyland, were no fun and we would end up leaving early due to N. I recall two times we went to Disneyland and Universal Studios, and had to leave Disneyland early because we couldn’t do something as simple as waiting in line with N. He would want to run around, he’d scream and throw a fit when he didn’t get his way. Standing in line for an hour was complete misery to us, and I’m sure to the people next to us. We couldn’t sit through a show, because Noah always seemed to have ants in his pants, and he wanted to get going and move on to the next thing. Noah would also cry instantly when he didn’t get his way or when he was simply just having a bad day, which was often. He never sat down, always had to move from activity to activity. Blank Staring spells were often for Noah and we thought is was him just tuning out so he didn’t have to hear what we were saying.

We took Noah to see many doctors, and he went through many medications. Every diagnoses seem to fit Noah to a “T”. From ADHD, to Bipolar, to possible Asperger’s Syndrome, but we never got any real answers or had any test to prove it. Until, we came to the office of Dr Linden, our savior. Since then Noah has improved dramatically!! He still seems to be a little hyper and loves to wrestle around, but he seems more “boyish” than trouble, or a “bad kid”. I am a TRUE believer in Neuro biofeedback, and anybody who knows our family can see the results as well. Yes, we may only be half way through treatment, but I just say to myself, “If this is half way through treatment and he’s improved this much, I can only imagine what he’ll be like when he’s done with the treatment”. It’s so much easier to sit down with Noah and do homework, which I must say was a pain in the butt beforehand. He has always been a loving caring, kid, but now he’s starting to understand “consequences” because he seems as though he’s able to process things a lot more and understand them. Before, it seemed as though it went in one ear and out the other because he had too much on his mind, or his mind was going a million miles a minute to stop and think about all that was said or had happened. He’s able to focus on a question a lot more when you ask him something. Before treatment you could ask him a plain and simple question and by the time he was done answering you he was telling you about a purple elephant that was flying by, which was totally off base of what you were talking about.

I think at first, going to an appointment twice a week was a bummer for him, and for us at times. You couldn’t see the results right away, so it almost felt like, “Is this really working?” but over time you see the change and you realize “Hey this is actually worth every single trip back and forth.” It’s life changing in the most positive way, and if I could have done this sooner I would have. This is better than any medication out there, and the best part about it, is its long lasting without side effects. Every medication Noah took had a side effect, with the worry in back of our minds of how they might affect him in the long run. The only affect we have to worry about in the long run with Neuro Biofeedback is a good one. It’s the fact that it will last a life time and give him that running start he needs in life to make it a better one. We were truly blessed to have Noah.


Stacy’s Testimony

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing this letter as a concerned parent of a child with ADD. This letter was not solicited by Mission Psychological Consultants, or Dr. Michael Linden. I wanted to write this letter to share my success along with my fears and hesitations to perhaps help someone else enjoy what we now have.

My husband and I have come to the conclusion that the Neurofeedback therapy Jason received from Dr. Linden really worked: we no longer feel the need to “shackle him to his bed and close his door”. Jason was diagnosed with A.D.D. in the middle of 4th grade and he was in counseling shortly after my first husband died after a long fight with cancer. We had always had struggles with him but being our first child and having all the problems related with battling cancer, we just assumed that’s the way his days were. I remember the constant battles with homework and J’s frustration and tears with most of it. He’s a very diligent boy and it just didn’t make sense. Finally the therapist told me Jason had worked through much of his grief and anger, but that according to the problems Jason continued to have at home, he wanted to have Jason do some testing.

He diagnosed the A.D.D. and Jason was put on Ritalin. What a change! It was like the difference between NIGHT and DAYI Last year, while Jason was in 7th grade, I again experienced a dramatic increase in the problems with homework. impulsivity, distractibility and aggressiveness towards his two brothers. My current husband and I went to a seminar hosted by Mission Psychological Consultants and were intrigued by the Neurofeedback idea. We were willing to try almost anything.

We went in with a lot of reservations that did not abate even during the course of the treatment. Jason had always been on Ritalin 7 days a week, every day of the year. He was just too difficult to handle when he was off his medicine. Towards the end of J’s Neurofeedback his pediatrician independently strongly recommended that he not take Ritalin on the weekends (his concerns were growth related). We complied although fearful. We were however very pleasantly surprised at how “normal” Jason was acting. Later, after the first unmedicated weekend, my husband and I were reflecting on the whole situation and realized that Jason was behaving much better than we ever would have ever imagined — and it’s gotten increasingly better since then.

Jason has not taken any medication since January 15th, 1994. We still have our ups and downs, but certainly not to the degree as in the past. We are very pleased with the results of Dr. Linden’s Neurofeedback treatment program and hope that other children and their families can enjoy the successes we have.



Suzanne’s Testimony

I am sorry it took me so long to sit down and write this to you, however, we have successfully completed our first trimester at school with great success in our household. We truly believe without our months of working with you, that we would not have reached this place. Your “sessions” as we called them in our house, taught our family how to get our bars in line (yes even us as parents at times needed this reminder) and take deep breaths to reign in our mind during times of frustration. Most importantly, my children gained control over their minds. You offer what no medicine can, in my opinion, teaching children with ADHD or ADD how to help themselves by figuring out how their brains work and most importantly that there is nothing without that. When they feel themselves slipping into a day dream they are now equipped with how to pull themselves back into focus. When they lose concentration they know what that feels like now and can correct it on their own. I know that when we made the leap of faith to start working with you I wished that I could ask a parent about their experience for some comfort and peace of mind that this might really work.

So, I wanted to offer you that by sitting down to write this. As you know, we tried medicine and it did not work, my son had side effects and we took him off of it immediately. That is when we were referred to you and we began our 6 month journey to finding out that we can figure out some of the challenges my children faced. In doing so, my daughter learned that it is not her fault that she daydreams, however, she now knows when she is doing so, which in her words… she didn’t know before. Homework took hours and much parent supervision. Now, she is self-starting and completing her homework in less time and with much more confidence. She just completed her first trimester of 7th grade and has brought her grades up to honor roll. A huge accomplishment for her! My son who faced a bigger challenge of not just struggling with concentration, but also with wiggling and fidgeting is thriving in 4th grade, he has much better control and he is doing much better in school as a result. I don’t have his report card just yet, but I can tell you from what involvement I have that he is becoming more motivated to do homework without me having to hover and his reading improved an entire grade level last year during our time with you. We could not be more proud of them both!

We still use the cues you taught us and it helps to have a language that our family alone knows the meaning to. It gives them a chance to self-correct when needed without anyone else knowing what we might be talking about. ? So my advice to any parent considering making the jump to try what Dr. Linden has to offer is to go with your gut and give it everything you have. It truly is a family commitment, but if you make it together and remind your kids to stay positive and you stay positive it does work. We drove from Fullerton and there were days that were difficult… but it truly became quality time talking in the car and the results that we see every day make it worth every penny a million times over! I hope this helps a parent in the position I found myself a year ago.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,


Peter’s Testimony

December 7, 2006

Dear Dr. Linden,

Since most of your patients are children and teens, I thought it would be good to write you as an adult about my personal experience with neuro-feedback. When I came to see you in June of 2006, I was 55 years old. I had battled with ADHD all my life. I had all of the classic symptoms which began around 5th grade. I never made it through high-school, and I was once arrested and spent some time in Juvenile Hall for being “incorrigible”. In spite of that, I was able to develop coping mechanisms as I grew up, and was able, with God’s help, to live what most people would consider a very successful life.

But I was suffering greatly on the inside. Simple things like cleaning off my desk became almost insurmountable obstacles. I could not pay attention in meetings (I seemed to need to always crack jokes) and I had a very difficult time in social situations unless I was the person in-charge.

By my mid-thirties, I began to struggle with depression and anxiety. I fell prey to various addictions, and it was all I could do to try to hold-on to my failing marriage. I was a mess. I could not spend more than 2 or 3 hours working at a time. People who knew me had no idea. Over the next 15 years I spent literally thousands of dollars on marriage counseling and individual therapy. It kept our marriage together, but we were both miserable.

When our granddaughter began having some of the same types of ADHD problems, my wife did some research, and we brought her to Mission Psychological. I was so impressed with the treatment she received that I asked the therapist if someone my age could be helped. I signed myself up for testing.

The testing showed what I had suspected: that I indeed had ADHD, Anxiety and Depression. We opted for a course of neuro-feedback.

After about the third session, I began to notice a significant difference. My anxiety levels had dropped. My thoughts were becoming clear and focused. I could put in an entire day of productive work. But the most significant thing to happen as a result of the treatment was that my battle with addictions just seemed to fade away. In the past, no matter how hard I prayed and tried, I could not rid myself of the compulsion to act-out. The best I could hope for was to “just resist”, but sometimes I failed. In any case, the battle was constantly raging inside of me. Even if I was successful in not giving in, it was destroying my will to live, my relationship with my family and God, and making me so tired and depressed that I didn’t know how I could go on.

But shortly after starting my treatments, that war inside of me was suddenly over. The compulsions were just not there anymore. If a thought crossed my mind to act-out, my immediate reaction was “I don’t need that”. And I didn’t. Now I had a real choice.

My marriage improved dramatically. For the first time in 35 years, I can honestly say that I am a happily married man. When there have been stressful situation happening around me (as there can be with any family), I can remain calm and centered.

Many smaller things have also changed. For instance, I can remember people’s names after I have met them. I couldn’t before. I can sit through a church service and actually enjoy the worship and really hear the message. I have become much less obsessed with politics (I used to constantly listen to talk-radio and watch several hours of political shows on cable). While I am still interested in keeping up with world events, I no longer have to spend all my time obsessing on it. And if my desk gets messy, I have the ability to clean it! There are many, many other things that I become aware of on a daily basis. This is truly one of THE most significant experiences of my life.

As I write this, it has been almost two months since I finished my last neuro-feedback treatment. All of the changes in me seem to have become permanent. My battle with addictions now seems like a bad dream. I will keep in touch with you over the next year, and let you know if I feel like anything is “slipping” but I have felt very solid and centered since the early sessions, and I see no evidence of it “wearing off”.

I cannot thank you enough for all the help that you and your staff have been to me. I have referred one other adult to you and that person is well on the way to genuine help. Thank you, Dr. Linden, for all you do.

Most Gratefully,